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Ten Useful (and not so useful) Things You Didn’t Know About Tendou Kasumi 

1.    She is the one who actually balances the family finances. Though fiscally responsible, Nabiki cares more for her own money than what is used to feed and house her family.

2.    Kasumi’s native language is Japanese. She learned a bit of French in high-school and taught herself English by reading her mother’s old romance novels. She is now fluent in English, though her accent is very thick.

3.    At the age of thirteen, she discovered her mother’s shrine to the Western world. This included a stack of romance novels, an American flag T-shirt, and several tapes the Tendous did not have the equipment to listen to.

4.    Her father turns the radio to o-enka while playing shogi and go with Saotome-san. Kasumi has grown up with the music; she only changes the station when her father attempts to sing along.

5.    Kasumi can snap but cannot whistle.

6.    Contrary to popular belief, Kasumi does not know how to change a diaper. Akane and Nabiki were the only children she has ever watched.

7.    She was at the top of her class in school, elementary through high-school. Her scores alone would have guaranteed her a place in any mid-level college.

8.    The only time she ever remembers crying is at her mother’s funeral.

9.    Kasumi did not see her mother die, exactly, but knows that every time she had visited the hospital as a child her mother was a little bit thinner.

10. Family is her “most important thing”.


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