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Viruses... I did not understand that something like that was possible. There were two of me, but she was not me, not really. Ranma-kun continues with his chores as if- and father is upset that I was gone for days. He will not stop crying...

My experience was not so bad as it was for others, now that I am able to look and see what has happened. The latter virus was almost... kind. Truly, I do want that someday- a family of my own. I hope I do not experience some of the, the more involved viruses. And I wish for a restful time before such things happen again.

People talk to me as if they know me. I do not understand it. She said, that woman who resembled me, it would be all right. I just have to talk to them more, the people who know my name. ...my head hurts.

((Strikes deleted.))
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Dinner has become less lively since Akane-chan and Ranma-kun left on their training trip. Uncle Saotome and father have seem enjoy their games, and their snacks. Nabiki-chan is beginning her second year soon, with such astounding grades. I wonder how she does it and continues to have so much time to enjoy herself. She has never been one to study extensively. It seems she is getting enough sleep and eating right, but still, I hope she is not pushing herself too hard. Ranma-kun’s little friends visit now and again, but without such extravagance as before. The outer wall has stayed intact for nearly a month!

Everything is going as it should, I expect. I do not wish to say it, but things have begun to seem… a bit boring. Something odd happened a few days ago- but only the once. There is little I must manage beyond necessary chores. I suppose I could, pursue work outside of the house? I graduated high school with adequate scores, and it is not as if we could not use the money. Keeping track of my thoughts like this has certainly improved my typing skills!

In any case, the market is closing soon. I’d best get something good for dinner. I should return Dr. Tofu’s book, too; he mentioned he had something for me last time. I wonder what it is?


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