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2020-01-01 12:16 pm
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How's my driving?

How's my driving?
Am I doing well with her? Anything I can improve? Any inconsistencies?
Please tell me here! All comments are screened for privacy's sake, but if you would like it unscreen I will do so!
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2014-02-05 08:21 pm

Holly Heights Mailbox

Kasumi Tendou
1443 Holly Heights

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2014-02-03 07:51 pm
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♪ Permissions

Character name: Kasumi Tendou
Character series: Ranma 1/2

Backtagging: Yes, most certainly! I am up for all of the backtagging.
Threadhopping: Go for it!!
Fourthwalling: Sure! But she will most likely brush it off as nonsense.
Offensive subjects (violent/gore/sexual/NC-17 content): Please PM and ask before hand!

Hugging this character: Yes, sure!
Kissing this character: On the cheek, hand or forehead, sure thing! Please check before any big smackeroos on the lips, friends. Kasumi is a delicate young lady who only deserves the best!
Flirting with this character: Sure!! She's often oblivious to it, though.
Fighting with this character: Kasumi is a noncombatant type. Please PM and check before hand!
Injuring this character: Kasumi is a noncombatant type. Please PM and check before hand!
Killing this character: Please PM and check before hand!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes, sure! You can totally know/hear what she's planning to cook for dinner.
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2013-05-01 12:23 pm

DDD IC Inbox

voice mail | text messages | video | picture

"Ah, hello. This is the phone of Tendou Kasumi. I am sorry, but I cannot come to the phone right now. Please leave a message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible."
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2013-02-20 12:14 am

Back Dated to RedString: RL with Cu Chulainn

What would it say of her that it is not at all odd suddenly find a friend you had yet to meet in person by your side? Kasumi has been here long enough to break out the tea kettle without question. Thus, they can be found in the kitchen.

Though, it is a little odd to have someone else in the kitchen along with her. She's used to the space for herself. And yet, the thread does not allow either of them to be in a separate room.

She smiles his way, listening with half an ear for the whistle. "Is there something I could make you?"
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2013-01-21 06:17 pm

more or less failed lock} musing over the future

Thinking over what I have experienced here, I've noticed a trend in my alternate lives. Perhaps it is the virus's way of telling me something of myself that even I hadn't considered. I would very much like to do my best to help others: my friends, my neighbors, my family; anyone, in the end.

I've seen too many of my friends hurt for my comfort. And what might I do beyond offer kind words? A healthy meal? A chance for rest? Yes, these things are needed. Even so, that is not all the can be done. That is not all that I could do. It is only that I do not know how to do more.

In some other place I am a doctor, a nurse or studying to be, or with the ability to heal. I wonder if it's possible for me to achieve it. For university, I graduated school so long ago, and, else, have little idea how to continue. Even if I did not lack some items needed to attend in Fuyuki, there is also the cost.

There is so much I am unsure of, and yet, I think I would like to try. Something, at least. As much as I love it here, and I have enjoyed my time dearly, I know I cannot stay forever. If I returned home...? Ah. No. It would not be right to disturb them.

[OOC: Thinking about her future and discussing what she wants leads to some further musing.]
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2013-01-10 03:20 pm

RL] Tea Time with Friends

It's been some time since she's had someone over. Invited someone herself, that is, to a place that she had made a home. Issei-kun doesn't mind. In fact, he often has visitors himself. He is, after all, a well liked person.

Preparation comes as second nature: the kettle is on, the tea cups are out and there are scones on the table and more in the oven, should they be needed. (The dear monks are fond of them, if they aren't.) She hums to herself, straightening the second clay mug. It's good that Kirei-san has found a free moment. Kasumi looks forward to their conversations.

The steps to Ryuudo Dojo are very long. She hopes he doesn't have too much trouble finding this place.

[OOC: Actionspam or log is fine! Those involved know who you are. Feel free to tag around and thread jack, everyone!]
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2013-01-05 12:08 pm

Gifts, which are a little late.

Kasumi knows that not everyone celebrates the same holidays, so she's sent out her gifts as a way to celebrate the New Year!

Everyone receives a care package unless otherwise specified. Yes, that means you. Anyone she's ever talked to or vaguely knows of will find a wicker basket containing: 1 cheerful "It's so wonderful to know you!" note, 3 homemade rice balls, 2 packages of higher end green tea, 1 unscented soap bar and mug personalized mug (with a snowflake/snowman/guitar/smiley face/etc).

Diarmuid- gift )

Issei- gift )

Retasu- gift )

Kefka- gift )

Roze- gift )

11-12- gift )

Reeve- gift )

Dib- gift )

Auron- gift )

Jecht- gift )

Madoka Kaname- gift )
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2012-09-22 12:33 pm
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Xa. ddd prompts

Claimed for Kasumi Tendou and Yuca Collabel.
001.Time 002.Everything 003.Weakness 004.Touch 005.Lullaby
006.Heavy 007.Parting 008.Defiant 009.Irresistable 010.Choke
011.Hush 012.Kiss 013.Smiles 014.Misunderstanding 015.Journey
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2012-06-11 06:17 pm

ddd: reflection

 Maybe Roze is right. Perhaps I should take a vacation.
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2012-04-25 03:24 pm

rl> meguca virus party

They've been through much this past week: the witch, new network, and plans made for the future. No one knew what would happen; they could only hope for the best and make ready for the worst. So much to do... Kasumi can feel the pressure of expectation in the back of her mind, behind every thought and action. Even Kefka, happy when he wished, was behaving more mercurial than usual. She did not know about the others, Diarmuid-san, Doctor-sensei, or his friend, Feldt-san, but surely it would be the same for them.

Humans were not built for uncertainty. There must be something she can do to provide ease, for herself as much as them. She cannot bear the thought of going home, now of all times, her family is a reminder of what she had to lose more so than what she wanted to protect. The idea comes to her while cooking breakfast. It's not so hard to set up for a party in the coming afternoon.

At eleven, she sends out the invitations, inviting them to one of the apartments:

We've done well, so let's have dinner to celebrate! 4@[address]. It is safe.
Sent from my phone.
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2012-04-09 11:53 am
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[Locked to Kefka]

I had a question for you, if you are a available, sir.
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2012-02-21 10:29 am

RL with Kamina-- backdated to the 10th;

It's been so long since someone has visited, maybe she went a little overboard with lunch -- the table was covered almost over --, but what they did not eat now surely her family would later. Or Kamina-kun could have the extra with him.

There was tea for a warm day, and a kettle waiting if they finished the pot. All that was left was for him to come. It would be very good to see him again.
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2011-11-20 09:41 am

007. Giant Family Virus Dinner: Open Log

This is the Tendou house with a hug table and lots of cushions for chairs. There is enough food to feed an army; three different hot pots simmer three different kinds of yose nobe. Kasumi and her dear little children have prepared it all for family and friends who are just now arriving.

Where do they sit? Who do they talk to? How long do they stay? That is up to you. Kasumi's house has an open door policy, and she'll worldhop anyone who can't themselves. Enjoy♥ And feel free to make your own comments! The ones I made are more a guide than a rule.