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Holly Heights CR Chart

YUUTA TAKIZAWA. Fondness, care. Her 'son' in 1443, she cares for him as she would any member of her family, which includes homecooked meals, boxed lunches, and motherly hoovering.

RYOGA HIBIKI. Friendship, care, gratitude. A young man she knows from home; so good to see a familiar face. She wonders if he ever feels cooped up at Holly Heights, with his love of travel. Wishes the best for him.

KANARIA. Worry, concern, fondness. A young lady in need of care.

UZUME. Amusement, fondness, hearty appetite. A neighbor who enjoys his food as much as she enjoys making it, nearly every day.

PETRA RAL. Fondness, gratitude, beginning of friendship. One of the first to welcome her, a kind and generous woman she can talk to as a peer, a novel concept for Kasumi.

HANA ASAKURA. Fondness, concern, begins of friendship. A young man who holds similar anxieties in their new situation, they went searching for answers about Holly Heights.

MAKOTO TACHIBANA. Fondness, gratitude. A kind young man who let her borrow his bike, she is very impressed by his manners and giving nature.

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