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♪ Holly Heights Application

Player: Kasumi Rose
Age: --
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Characters Name: Kasumi Tendou
Age: 19
Canon: Ranma 1/2
Canon Point: Somewhere vaguely before the end of the manga series, but the before the wedding fiasco.
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Orientation: Kasumi dreams of traditional domestic bliss: the doting homemaker to a loving husband and 2-3 adorable children. She would love to take care of anyone she ends up with, but with preference in mind, being the wife of another wife has never occurred to her; she's always daydreamed of a husband sweeping her off her feet and into the exciting life of having a family of her own.

History: Kasumi’s page on the Ranma ½ Wikipedia.
A fan-video about Kasumi’s role in the Tendou family.
Fanpage about Kasumi.

Appearance: Asian [Nationality: Japanese], average height, buxom. Long brown hair tied in a side pony tail over one shoulder. Brown eyes. Prefers conservative dresses and soft shoes. Habitually wears an apron. Most often smiling, with a generally pleased expression.


If there is a ray of sunshine in the Ranma world, it is Kasumi Tendou. When she walks down the street, people greet her by name. When she smiles, everything seems all right. If there is a domestic chore to be done, she’s finished it before anyone notices. Hear that child crying? No, you don’t, because Kasumi has comforted them. Even when possessed by a demon, the most evil thought in her head was ordering expensive take-out; in which case, every shop knew her and gave her a discount. It is impossible to be mad at her and just as hard not to like her. She just wants everyone to be happy!

Kasumi loves people; if you've met her, you're already friends in her book! She is friendly and has a kind word for everyone, always the first to offer help or advice. Kasumi listens intently to any and all problems, and replies with a thoughtful, optimistic answer. Kasumi likes everyone upon first impression and will think the best of strangers even if they’re trying to rob a store before her eyes. She is emotionally incapable of admitting dislike and forgives easily. 

Kasumi works well with others; in fact, she prefers to do things as a team. Her situation, however, has kept her distant from her peers. During high school she belonged to the ‘Go Home Club’; she had to hurry back, do the chores and take care of her sisters. While she did have time to herself, she wasn't able to connect as much with her peers. Sometimes, even with her family, she's lonely. She has acquaintances and friends, mostly older neighbors, but she doesn't feel as able to relate to people her own age.

Kasumi enjoys children, and mothers them unconditionally. This can be stifling for those of more independent mind, but it is hard to refuse her whole-hearted attention.

In relation to herself, Kasumi prescribes to traditional gender roles. Her mother was the perfect woman, and she believes she should be the same. She is soft-spoken, passive, and kind. Kasumi never raises her voice and remains calm no matter what the situation. Kasumi also defines herself by other people: her ‘father’s dutiful daughter’, her ‘mother’s little helper’, or ‘that nice young lady from that poor family who lost a mother at such a young age’. This is an attempt to please others as well as construct a set standard for behavior. No matter what, she knows what to do and what to expect, an orderly framework of reference that, while admirable, makes inconsistencies hard to handle. Kasumi comes off as absent minded because she literally sees the world through rose colored glasses.

Kasumi sees what she wants to see. “Bad things” do not exist. Kasumi doesn't do well with conflict; everything must be peaceful and orderly. She copes through avoidance: physically, mentally, or emotionally. The unfortunately upsetting situation last week? It didn’t really happen. No, everything is fine. Really, it was nothing to get excited over. Denial runs through her like water down a stream, flushing out the negative and keeping everything positive in her world. For Kasumi, a person’s actions are never personal. If you ignore her, you’re having a bad day. Yell at her and you will invite her concern instead of drive her away. Selflessness comes easily; it is doing things for herself that is hard. 

Kasumi has a high respect for authority figures. She is the “good girl” who obeys the rules and does what she is told. Cooperative, she seldom questions what she is asked to do.

Kasumi is proactive when it comes to her duties. She likes keeping busy and doing what needs to be done. This young woman is not the type to sit idly by—dinner doesn’t cook itself, you know! Kasumi is passive by inclination, not nature; the women in her family are known for their strong opinions. It is simply that, when confronted with a stronger personality or half-reasonable argument, she will fold. She does not enjoy disagreement and gives in to keep the peace: often her inner peace. 

Kasumi keeps her steal spine carefully hidden. For example, if someone is misbehaving they will warrant a concerned conversation on what is appropriate and what is not. Unlike her sister, Akane, she won't shout or hit, but rather explain in soft, polite way how inappropriate that is and why it just won't due, really, dear, you should know better. What would [that person you respect] think? Like many mother figures out there, she is the master of guilt trips.

Politeness is ingrained into her very pores (she sir and ma’ams no matter what!) Kasumi is also a practical person, and thinks in pragmatic terms. She takes life as it comes. Planning ahead, beyond tomorrow’s dinner, is hard to do.

Despite her tendency for denial, she is surprisingly insightful. Kasumi has spent a lot of time watching people. She can pick up the tiniest cues that a person is upset, stressed, or in love and does her best to mediate the situation. However, she has been known to only mettle not-so-subtly when it comes to her younger sister, Akane, the baby of the family. It wouldn’t be proper for her to interfere with things outside of the family, after all. Any children of hers will be set straight in much the same way. Kasumi is very good at talking to other people about their feelings that they a) didn’t know they had or b) didn’t know she knew they had. 

Abilities: Kasumi is a master of the homemaking arts! Kasumi can cook anything, sew like a pro, launder up a storm, and complete housework in record time. She has a calming presence that makes it impossible to stay mad in her presence, which is just one pleasant side effect of her peaceful personality.